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We think our software and document package is great but don't just take our word for it

 Rental Management Solutions - Jason Adair


Thank you.  I really enjoy the software and has really allowed me to get to the next level in terms of keeping the vast amount of information organized and updated.  I appreciate the help.

Jason Adair

Rental Management Solutions

1824 S Kansas Ave

Topeka, KS 66612


 Pressure Sewer Systems - Anne Grosse

As a user of TKO Business Modeller,  I am pleased to write that we have had wonderful success acquiring a Certificate of Registration from TQCSI with the integrated system that QDT Management Consultants created for us using TKO. We received feedback that our management system was highly commendable.  It helped us to achieve certification for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. The system is easy to use and the support offered by QDT is excellent. I would certainly recommend this management system to other businesses who are looking to develop an integrated system combining the three standards Quality (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (AS 4801) and Environment (ISO 14001).

I find myself having time to write to you to thank you for your product and your software has allowed me time to do other things

After purchasing the TKO Software, I finally have ALL my systems together in one place.  PGC Security offers a complete range of security services from man power to technical and everything in between.  Until now, I have had to use a number of products to write job descriptions, policy, procedure and to track the KPI’s but finally with your system, I can have multi skilled staff with manual suited “just for them”. 

Only last week, I had a new staff member start and could print out a manual that included induction, OH&S relevant to the duties they would perform and the SOP’s for their new position.  One manual for one person, and the greatest thing is it took only minutes to select the items I wanted included.

I cannot thank you enough for the great product and I would happily recommend it to anyone wanting to get the systems in place, track their staff, improve their procedures and then have time left over! 

Your system is worth every cent and well worth doing...

Joh Paynter



I have found theTKO software to be extremely beneficial to the Medical Specialist Practice that I have recently been contracted to work at in Brisbane.  It is user-friendly, simple for staff to use and accessible for all staff to view. I think the structure and format accommodates the needs for an Organisational Manual.  I look forward to expanding its' use in the Day Hospital environment, as I believe it would fit the industry's requirements. Looking forward to continuing to work with you.


Our company is in the building industry and are involved with many projects for major commercial builders and clients.  Their sites are addressed according to OHS and Quality Management Systems so to be competitive in this tough industry we have decided to attain our accreditation and also to systematize and become efficient with our current policies, procedures and systems.  We were lucky enough to come across this powerful tool – TKO.

Without this we were not sure how it was going to happen, everything is available at your finger tips; the organisational chart, job descriptions, policies and procedures, you can add flowcharts, benchmark using kpi’s, create performance appraisals, it prints reports and lots more.  One of the many benefits is with our staff it shows them where they belong, what is expected of them and how we do it here, it assigns roles to policies, procedures and accountability.  The program is easy to follow and has a friendly screen layout. I am very impressed with the software and recommend TKO software as this tool helped our business to continual improve systems and policies.

We highly commend Tony and his team for their patience, expertise and advice – well done.

Helen Kranitis
Comace Pty Ltd

SIMPLY BRILLIANT … The features within TKO are amazing, like nothing else I’ve seen. 

By far the best investment I have every made for my business. I have no doubt that the TKO software along with the outstanding support will be the driving force for the growth of my business.

Annette Haramis
Final Stage Clean Pty Ltd

The TKO product has been magnificent for our company in many ways. To have all policies and procedures documented and so easily accessible for staff has made implementation of our company procedures so much easier. From a HR perspective I have found the induction and training of staff so much more streamlined, thorough and consistant by using TKO. All staff receive the same consistant message and have this resource on their desktop to use as a reference in their everyday work. 

Cathy Loftus
Finance and Operations Manager
Morrison Kleeman Real Estate

Businesses often fail because owners spend more time working in their business rather than working on their business. Access Solutions National Pty Ltd (ASN) has been in operation since 2004. It has taken a long time to get where we are today – a lot of hard work and dedication.
ASN became aware of the need to have a systematic approach to ensure that all our cliental and services were of the same high quality across the board. 
As you do in today’s internet savvy world – we Googled it. One of the first links to be clicked was the TKO Transform Business Systems.
After registering and downloading sections it became very clear that we needed to get in touch with this company as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for them to contact us we phoned about 15 minutes after surfing their website.
Our point of contact was Byron – what a pleasurable conversation.
Although ASN wasn’t in the position to spend a lot of money, this conversation brought to our attention the necessity of implementing the TKO Quality Management System (QMS) across our entire business.
Transform Business Systems were extremely flexible and supportive, with providing regular email and phone support as well as a flexible payment plan.
We cannot say enough about the TKO program – it was a strategic move to implement this into our business as none of our competitors in our industry have anything like this.
Dale Sheppard
Access Solutions National Pty. Ltd. (ASN)
Web: www.asnpl.com.au


“When I was developing my business – a dental practice – five years ago, I quickly became aware of the high level of structure a business requires in order to satisfy the needs of clients, staff and external governing bodies. It’s not good enough to simply have all systems and procedures documented somewhere. There is the further responsibility that all persons connected to the business are fully aware and are within the organizations structure.

The process of training new staff members was becoming long and arduous. The process of incorporating new dentists was also without proper direction due to the infrequency of changing over people within that role. All of our systems and procedures were clearly explained and updated, but because they were kept in a folder in the staff room, the manual was never referred to. Another challenge we used to face was getting information about new systems and procedures to the staff. We never have all staff present on one day, therefore we had to block off three normally productive sessions for meetings to properly inform all staff of changes. What our previous system really felt like was; we had all the structure to comply with good business strategy and state laws, however that same structure didn’t properly support us. It was archaic in its design and therefore difficult to maintain and expect effective use as a guide in our busy dental surgery.

The differences to our business that implementing Transform Business Systems – Turn Key Operations has seen are;

  • All staff has their own personalized manual that they keep with them to refer to anytime.
  • All staff manuals are updated via emails, rather than taking productive time away from the business. They print off their personal copy and add it to their manual.
  • There is an established ‘staff induction’ manual that is always up-to-date and is vital in the effective incorporation of all new team members.
  • All the staff’s vaccination, allergy and further training documentation is attached to their profile and is very easy to access (obviously by authorized personnel) and therefore update.
  • The structure behind our staff evaluations is now working much better for us. There is no more rifling through files and drawers looking for documents anymore. Everything is right there in the software.
  • The expectations the business has on staff are specified and understood much more effectively than in the past. Instead of important systems and procedures discussed once and then infrequently revisited (reducing the value), staff and management have the Manuals as an ongoing reference and the most effective way to maintain standards

I had initially thought that the TKO system would be difficult to use, but it has proved very easy. Due to Transform Business Systems being owned and operated in Australia, the support we receive is immediate and the staff there are very easy to get along with and eager to have the system work well for us. We all got on line with a webinar to learn how to use the system, and found this to be the perfect way to coach everyone.

As a business owner, I now feel very confident that we have a support structure that truly supports our success and growth. I also feel a great sense of relief that I can take for leave of longer than a week and the business will continue to operate effectively.”

Julie Parker
Dendy Village Dental

I have over 20 years experience in quality management, education and entrepreneurship.  I am currently the CEO/Director of AAPB a national not-for-profit association (the only bookkeeping association that has ISO 9001), Technical Education Director of a national registered training organisation, work with government on designing and developing national infrastructure for the bookkeeping industry as well as a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

When TKO was first demonstrated to me I analysed it from four angles.  This is my professional opinion.

Quality Manager (ISO 9001)
ISO 9001 is based on a frame work to achieve good working practice.  It provides guidance on WHAT your system needs to include in order to reduce the risk of failure.   TKO is an on-line tool that helps you tell HOW the system works.

TKO is a unique software that creates a four dimensional system.  It provides all the necessary requirements to address ISO 9001 and factors in all the simple common mistakes that most business make.  E.g.; document management, audit trail, authority/responsibility.

The TKO software addresses the difficulties in educating employees on business systems.  Most people have heard of policies and procedures but to understand how policies and procedures create a complex business system is extremely difficult to comprehend as well as teach.  TKO is a fantastic tool to make a system tangible so that people can physically see how the system works.

I was so impressed by TKO and how easy it is to use that we included the software in the quality management module within the new Certificate IV in Financial Services Bookkeeping course.

Your business is only as good as your system.  If your business can not produce the products/services your customers/clients expect, you will lose credibility and ultimately your business.  TKO is an efficient tool that reduces; communication breakdown and the ambiguity over who is responsible. It also helps you identify the strengths and weakness of your business.
Employees like to have clear guidance on their responsibilities, how to perform their functions and how often it needs to be done.  TKO addresses this need and provides it in a customised publication for each employee.   Clear direction reduces the frustration of ambiguity which is one of the major factors that employees leave.

The above four angles are why we embraced TKO in our two firms and successfully introduced it to our employees and AAPB members.  TKO is a must for any business requiring government governance.  TKO is a practical tool that is easy to use by all.  It doesn’t sit on the shelf collecting dust, it is an essential tool integrated into the success of your business.   

Mrs Sharyn Grant

Chief Executive Officer Australian Association of Professional Bookkeepers (AAPB)

MEI (In Progress) B.Ed (Voc Ed & Communication), ISO QA Auditor, Dip Bus.

I was looking for a way to bring my organisation together and move as one in the same direction. I knew that a policies and procedures manual was the way to go but where to start?

I stumbled across TKO and thank god I did. The software has made writing our polices and procedures manual organised, complete and very effective. It also has helped me to set a clear direction for the company, what staff we need and what roles we need covered.  It has also helped to ensure all staff know what is expected in all situations and where to find the information if they are not sure.

The service from Sam Tebutt to make sure I get the job done and done well has made what at first seemed like a huge task become a logical step by step process with a fantastic end result. I can’t thank Sam and TKO enough for helping me to get this big job done and done well.

Kind Regards
Steve Hart
Learn2play Music


After setting the long term goal for my business to achieve ISO 9001 quality accreditation, I searched the internet for solutions to help me achieve this goal. I quickly found that all roads let to Transform Business Systems and their product TKO Business Modeller. 

It did not take me long to decide that this product was the solution I was looking for and a good investment to boot. 

The product is easy to use and steps you through the process of building a system of policies, procedures, people and roles, KPIs and performance reviews. It has been a great tool for me in the creation of all aspects of my Quality System, from electronically controlled forms, controls, work instructions to information documents. I never thought that building a quality system would be an overnight task but TKO has helped me with each step along the way. I also purchased the 'Q-Template' which has really helped with the framework of my Quality System. 

The support from Transform Business Systems has been fantastic. I have been dealing with Sam Tebbutt and his dedication and commitment to helping me achieve my desired outcomes is commendable. I feel at all times that Sam and TBS care about my success with the product. I certainly recommend TKO from TBS to anyone serious about building a Quality System for their business. 

Phil Barnett.

The value of TKO Software can be likened to backups of computerised data – you don’t realise how valuable they are until your system crashes and you have to restore from a backup. When a staff member leaves your employ, a lot of valuable information can walk out the door with them – irrecoverable unless you have “backups” in place – TKO Software is an example of such a backup. 

Implementing our TKO software by documenting all our policies and procedures has required dedication from us as owners and we also got our staff very involved in the process. It is an ongoing work in progress which must be addressed regularly to be fully effective.

Recently we had the ultimate payback for all this hard work and effort. A staff member resigned….and 2 weeks later a new member commenced employment with us. We had the luxury of printing off the manual for this new staff member. It detailed what we all do at Blue House Computing. It gave her an excellent idea of the overall culture we like to create in our business and it gave her the specific details of her role in the company,how to do things and how often.

The new staff member was impressed!! She liked the fact that she could refer to something when she needed to instead of having to ask us all the time.

And we were impressed too! We liked the fact that since it was the busiest time of our year in our accounting software business, the training time was kept to a minimum We could also relax knowing that as long as the processes we documented were correct, then things will be done in the way that we want them done in order to meet our vision for the future of our company.

We valued this experience a lot and it confirmed our resolve to continually review and add processes to the software so can enjoy this luxury again in the future. And of course we have always viewed it as a fantastic asset to have if we want to sell the business at any time in the future.

Kind Regards
Jill Garrett
Blue House Computing
Gisborne NZ

After purchasing and using the TKO product I personally have found it can revolutionise the way a practice operates by significantly improving practice efficiencies and dramatically reducing medico-legal risks. It is money well spent together with the AAPM Health Industry template these products set a new benchmark for all practices to achieve and the support is excellent. I recommend this product to all my clients without reservation. Congratulations to you all.

David Dahm CEO BA(Acc.) FCPA,FTIA, FFin,FAAPM,FGLG, AGPAL Surveyor
Health & Life Pty Ltd - National
Accountants and Practice Management Consultants

The TKO program has allowed our company to introduce total quality control management systems and defined structure to all facets of our operations,and will permit our company to seek international certification standards much earlier than we envisaged 6 months ago.

TKO, its self is very professionally structure program embracing all strategic planning and business facets and with the excellent after sales support, I have received and the continual downloads of upgrades provided by the company, I have found it a very user friendly product.

I would recommend the program to any business wishing to improve its overall management system, and make life easier for both senior management and employees, this program is a total package and actually does what the provider states.

Congratulations to TKO for providing a excellent product, and supplying the best after sales support that I have ever been given in many years.

Edward Flaherty (Adv Bus Dip)
Business Systems Manager
Phoenix Shutdown Services. WA
Phoenix Shutdown Services currently services Rio Tinto & BHP inland Pilbara regions.

Greetings Tony. Just wanted to express our appreciation of the work you do. I am impresses with the professionalism and clarity of the sessions and have appreciated the input from yourself, James and Serge.

With thanks and regards

National Director
ECPAT New Zealand

Thank you for your kind words following Dynafix’s success as runners up in the Small Business of the Year Awards ‘Young Gun Category’ 2006.  This is indicative of how Transform Business Systems is aware of the client’s interest which is reflected in the whole approach of the TKO methodology. 

Our business has grown during the previous twelve months by 300% both in staff levels and sales turnover.  Without the benefits of the TKO system we could not have achieved this growth within the structure provided.  It has been a very busy time and the business has outpaced our wildest expectations.

We are in the process of planning and improving our methods to cope with a further 300% increase over the next 12 months.  In part this shall arise from a locally produced switchable glass product which changes from opaque to clear now available from Dynafix. 

With further TKO usage and support we are confident of keeping pace with the business systems requirements resulting from the Dynafix innovations.

Kind Regards  

Bob Clemow JP FTIA FTA
Financial Controller  
Dyna-Fix Installations Pty Ltd  

Switchable Glass Specialists  

To Whom It May Concern 

During the past 12 months our agency has been developing many new systems, policies and procedures and job descriptions. This has driven substantial re-engineering of our organisation at all levels and has been motivated by a government accreditation process conducted each 5 years. We chose to use TKO as the centrepiece of both accreditation preparedness and the reshaping of our organisation. We have found TKO to be comprehensive, easy to use and adapt to our business requirements, invaluable to our employees as an information management system as well as providing a logical and systematised method to structure and operate the agency.  

Our accreditation report acknowledges our agency as “one of the most professional and progressive” and identified the TKO Information Management System as being “best practice” in the aid and development sector.  

TKO has our highest recommendation as we have not only found the product to be exceptional, but also the support and backup has been invaluable and delivered in a timely manner.  

David Jack
Chief Executive Officer
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (NSW)

 ADRA Australia is a Christian, humanitarian agency that creates opportunities, empowers people and shares hope

"TKO is about putting a LIFE back into LIFESTYLE as it reduces STRESS for business owners and their staff alike!”

Alan Wickes
Thinking People (VIC)
"Our experience with TKO has been very professional since day one. We put this experience down to one thing, excellent Service. We never had a hint that it is too much trouble to assist us as we worked our way through the learning phase. 
With regard to the software, TKO is designed in a way that it tracks your thinking in the right direction thus insuring that there are no aspects missed. We were very happy with the purchase for two reasons, it is well designed software improving continually, and secondly it is supported professionally without hours of on hold to obtain support."
Bob Moss
Summit Automotive Pty Ltd (NSW)
"Can I say how much I appreciated the effort Transform Business Systems has gone to throughout the process in delivering the TKO software to Event Project Management. From my first contact with you, through the product demonstration process, to delivering the software in the past few days, I have been impressed with your customer focus and diligence in following through. It is to your great credit."

Steven Welsh
Event Project Management (NSW)
"I would like to share a message to current and prospective TKO resellers.  I have known the creator of TKO for some time.  I have listened to him get very excited about his product and the outcomes it creates for clients.  I thought I understood how to use it and the value that it can offer.  To be honest until I started using it for myself I didn’t fully appreciate the significance of what it can do for a business. 
I work with clients to get them organised and make sure that they and their businesses are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Organised and effective people get to go home on time, leave work at work and have the income and clear headspace to enjoy their time off.  I create these results all the time for clients but before TKO the process of documenting it all was a challenge.  Everything recorded in multiple word and excel documents using Windows Explorer – not at all efficient.
Now that I have taken the time to fully understand and appreciate what TKO can create for people I am ‘selling’ at least one a month but it doesn’t feel like I am selling.  It directly compliments my service so makes perfect sense for people to buy it……..as soon as they understand what it does and what it can do for them they ask ‘How do we order it’. 
I secured a $15,000 + project due to the fact I am a TKO reseller.  They wanted TKO and were delighted that my services complimented it.  It is now acting as a marketing tool to bring me clients and is creating it’s own income stream.
I think the most natural and effective way to communicate the benefits of TKO is to use it in your business so you can fully understand it – the result is that the orders roll in.  Show your clients your manual as an example – why expect them to use it if you aren’t – would you buy a suit from tailor with one trouser leg shorter than the other with buttons missing off his jacket?
I think that as a product TKO stands out from others but only if you understand what it can do for people.  When you get it, so will your customers.
I’d be happy to answer any questions or share more information – just send me an email."
Clare Fountain
Sorted 4 Business

As a relatively young and progressive company we determined that we required formalising our policies and procedures to enable our staff to be better informed on how we operate and conduct our business.  The TKO software from Transform Business Systems was identified over the Internet and offered what we were looking for in a system.
The program itself is quite simple to use and develops as you go into a logical sequence that has enabled us to fully structure the operation of our business.  We have incorporated our entire business into the system from standard forms used daily to annual reviews of personnel.
Being in three (3) states we are now able to standardise our operations with each state, apart from some minor differences, using the same policies, procedures and reporting methods. This has certainly made an impact on our business as we continue our growth and development.  In addition to the TKO system the support from Transform Business Systems has been faultless. It has been extremely refreshing receiving telephone calls and emails from personnel at Transform Business Systems on how we are progressing with the TKO program and offering assistance.
All in all we thoroughly recommend the TKO system and wish the management and staff from Transform Business Systems every success in the future.
Barry Buchanan
NSW Manager
Statewide Group 

As an owner operator of a small tourist lodge and day spa I was not looking forward to the mammoth task of handing over to the person that is to purchase our business.  I also realised that, although a daunting task, the conversion from a D I Y operations manual to a fully fledged systemization document would not only enhance our current operation but also provide a useful selling tool in the process.
After a little research we settled on TKO's software, not because it entailed a new Intel Duo G5 Mac which would run PC software, but because it looked the business.  The software has greater depth than first envisaged and works on many levels.  We are very happy with the program. One of the reasons we are happy with the software has been the tremendous support received from TKO.  The first thing you notice with Transform Business Systems is that, unlike Telstra, they answer the phone.  Calls to Tony or Byron have resulted in prompt and clear assistance.

I am currently developing 2 new franchise businesses and setting them up from scratch with TKO software. Has put me on the correct path from the word go.

Kane Randle
Chimes Spa Retreat
Mt Shadforth Scenic Drive
Denmark Western Australia 6333

We are very pleased with Transform Business System’s professionalism and dedication in dealing with us.  The customer support person that we were dealing on the phone was very helpful.  Also, Mary has been very prompt in resolving our problem.  Thank you so much, guys and all the best in your business. 

Agnes Ong


“Winner of the Outstanding Customer Service,
Australian Businesswomen’s Network Awards 2006”
"Global Experience is dedicated to delivering Cross Cultural and Educational Experiences that Embrace and Enhance the World"

The TKO Business Modeller program supplied by Transform My Business made the overwhelming task of structuring the day-to-day operations of our private Film College a straightforward process.  We were coached every step of the way to ensure we understood the software functions and the many ways it could make our life easier, such as publishing business reports, manuals and individual job descriptions.  We have no doubt that TKO contributed to the ease in which we were able to quickly obtain our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accreditation.
Travis Trewin
International Film College
Bundall Queensland

TKO is working really well for us and as we expand it helps new staff get productive much more quickly.

Michael Bagshaw   B. Bus (Acc)
Statewide Business
Finance - Consulting - Business Systems

P (08) 8575 1236
F (08) 8575 1270


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