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This is what you can look forward to by taking out a yearly subscription to TKO software

Access to a range of industry templates

A range of industry templates have been developed and more will become available over the next 12 months so stay tuned click here to view.

Latest versions

We are constantly improving the software and every month in our monthly emailed newsletter you will be able to download the very latest version of TKO.

Online support

Through telephone, email and online support via internet. Also with your permission using remote access software we can get in and sort out any problems you may be having.

Free Training

We conduct online webinar based training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (changes apply during holiday seasons and public holidays). This is interactive training using gotowebinar software and a teleconference phone call. Training is done in bite size 1hour slots for your convenience.

Tips and tricks

Each month we will posting a new set of tips and tricks to utilise TKO to it's fullest. These will be available exclusively to TKO subscription holders.

Document downloads

We will be making available a range of policies, procedures that you can download and add to TKO. This will be regularly updated.

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