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TKO Software Upgrade

We want you back

As you may already know, the powerfully redesigned TKO Business Modeller is here, and we're offering you (as an owner of an older version of TKO) a special, limited-time only upgrade price of $295.

As a previous user of our older version we would like you to experience the real power of our latest version.

But this great deal expires Tuesday, September 25th, so make sure you upgrade to TKO Business Modeller 

Save up to $130 by uprgading TKO today
Upgrade TKO for only $295, that's nearly a 33% saving on normal upgrade
Please note this offer is only available to users who have previously purchased TKO

With TKO Business Modeller, you'll be able to easily produce more professional business manuals and store your valuable business systems and procedures with these great features...
  • New look "Control Panel" style user interface
  • New import features (so you can import from word)
  • Improved business template with over 300 business documents covering areas such as
    • Human resources
    • OHS
    • Staff induction
    • Sales and marketing
  • Improved HTML publishing (create your own company knowledge base)

Added bonus -

  • If you need assistance like finding your old database and setting up the new version of TKO on your system we will gladly do that for you at no charge
  • Also, if you want to start - over from scratch we will provide you the full install file

Want more details? see below

Watch demo of TKO in action


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Notes about this offer
You are accessing this page because you have purchased TKO previously and you are a registered user of TKO. If you are not the end user, please forward this message to the appropriate person.

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