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Build A Business That Runs Like A Well Oiled Machine

TKO Business Modeller is all you need to document your systems, produce manuals or build your business knowledge base

Print manuals for your business

TKO will build a well structured business manual one that includes a "Table of Contents" and carefully categorized content where all documents are placed under there respective key business areas (departments). Using the tag and untag feature you can either produce one big manual or you can split them up into multiple manuals.

Using TKO's unique tagging feature this is no problem. For example you may want to create:

  • Marketing manual
  • Induction manual
  • Health and safety manual... and many more

Print manuals for individual staff or contractors

What a great way to induct new people into your business processes. Simply pick a staff member and TKO will put together a manual that will contain all of the policies, procedures, roles and kpi's relative to the roles assigned to that particular person.

TKO provides the necessary structure to build your business around systens

Web site knowledge base

When we say knowledge base we simply mean a central source of all your systems and procedures that can be accessed via a normal web browser.

Here is an example of our own knowledge base that we use to provide our users with advice about using TKO. This knowledge base is built and published entirely with TKO.

Simply publish to html format and TKO will create a web site that can be housed on a local shared network drive, intranet or your own web server. That way all your staff can access your knowledge via there web browser eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. safari etc.

Export to other formats

  • Adobe PDF - which is good for emailing to someone
  • HTML Help - creates a html help style format
  • Word RTF - save as a word rtf file

Human beings thrive on structure and so do businesses. Imagine being able to quickly induct new staff on how things are done

Departmentalize your business

Structure is critical in all aspects of our lives. It's proven that people thrive on it and so do businesses. As a business owner you need to focus on the important areas of your business and likewise staff need to know their roles and what's expected of them. TKO provides the structure needed.

Create roles to manage key departments

Like all good sporting teams a player knows their role and what is expected of them. Departments (key business areas) provide the focus where roles provide the personnel and accountability.

Staff can have multiple roles and share with others

Set expectations and monitor performance

Departments or as we call them key business areas highlight what are the key operational areas of the business but they don't tell us how important. So we need to articulate there importance through the use of expectations and standards. TKO allows you to set key performance indicators and standards for the business as a whole and then pass that on to staff.

Set the rules and guidelines

This is where you can say "this is how we do it around here". Without documented policies and procedures your business strategy revolves around the whims of individuals instead of clear well defined and proven systems.

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