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TKO Add on 3 - TKO HTML Search - 2000 Documents


Create a google like search engine interface for your TKO web output quickly and easily

  • Works with any TKO web output
  • Generate full-text search for website, intranet or offline search
  • Indexes HTML, PHP, ASP, PDF, Office, CHM, ZIP and more...
  • Fair license lets you work with as many TKO outputs as you want

How it works

  • You simply install the search engine add-on on to the pc of the person who will be doing the TKO publishing
  • Next you do a web publish as you would always do except this time you check off "Apply search engine" in after build actions (see screen shot below)
  • Then you just do a web publish as normal but at the end it will compile the search engine files and add a search icon to your output



Search engine studio is a product of Xtreeme GmbH

Our Price:

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