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Only subscribed users can access downloads and member pages

Option 1 - I know I am a subscribed user and I know my username and login


I am ready to go

just sign me in, click relevant link


Option 2 - I'm not sure and need more information

What is a subscribed user?

First of all if you have a registered version of TKO software then you are part of our member database irrespective of whether your maintenance and support subscription has expired or whether or not you have ever had one at all with us. As part of that membership you will have or will be provided (on request), your username and password. Don't worry if don't have it, we will show you how to get it further down.

Secondly, if you have a current unexpired annual maintenance and support agreement with us then you are a "SUBSCRIBED USER" and will be able to login and download all the latest versions and member extras.

How do I know if I am a "Subscribed User" ?

The simplest way is to just login and try, if you are not successful it will give you the opportunity of renewing online using a credit card

I don't have/or can't remember my username and/or my password

Getting your username

  • If you are logging in as a response to a newletter that you have received, often we will include your username and password in the newsletter, check that first
  • Your username is your email address that receives newletters from us (let us know if you can't find it)

Getting your password

  • Once you have your username (see above) click one of the image links above ( SME or STD ) depending on which version of TKO you have
  • The login screen will appear. Under the text "Forgot your password?" enter your email address and click "Send my password"
  • If the email was correct you should have immediately received an email from us with your password, you can now logon (keep that for safe keeping and if ever lost repeat this procedure)

Option 3 - I'm not yet convinced that I need an annual subscription

This is what you can look forward to by taking out a yearly subscription to TKO software

Latest versions

We are constantly improving the software and now with our latest version you don't have to wait for us to tell you whether there is a later version of TKO, simply click the "Check for software updates" button while using TKO and if a later version is available and you are a subscribed user you will be able to update immediately without leaving TKO, it will even restart itself with the newer version.

Online support

Through telephone, email and online support via internet. Also with your permission using remote access software we can get in and sort out any problems you may be having.

Free Training

We conduct online webinar based training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (changes apply during holiday seasons and public holidays). This is interactive training using gotowebinar software and a teleconference phone call. Training is done in bite size 1hour slots for your convenience.

Tips and tricks

Each month we will posting a new set of tips and tricks to utilise TKO to it's fullest. These will be available exclusively to TKO subscription holders.

Document downloads

We will be making available a range of policies, procedures that you can download and add to TKO. This will be regularly updated.

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