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Quality Management

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety System
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems AQTF Australian Quality Training Framework RACGP Standards for General Practices
Real Estate Codes of Practise AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board Allied Health Accreditation and Standards
HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points NATA National Association of Testing Authorities & many others

Create...Edit...Review & Publish...effective Quality Management System Manuals with TKO 

View our ready made collection of quality and other documents that now comes complete with TKO Business Modeller

A total QMS package ready to go for your business! 

Quality Management has over the last 20 years become an important part of today’s complex and competitive business world. 

Quality Management is a planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the item or product conforms to established technical requirements and will satisfy customer expectations.


The Challenge

Business today is faced with many risks and quality management is a proven way that management can organize and control the actions of employees, suppliers and contractors.  Many organizations have found success in achieving this outcome by implementing their systems using TKO (Turn-Key-Operation) Business Modeller software.  This enables the business that is undergoing quality management to create an easily published quality management manual and provide this to auditors and staff in a clear and concise manner. 

TKO offers a comprehensive framework in which to build processes that help ensure key business objectives are achieved.  The TKO system has been adopted across all industry types, from manufacturing through to professional service organizations.  Many of these organisations are starting out on the quality management process and have identified that the TKO system of document control and accountability enables them to deliver on their quality management promises. TKO is a flexible system and offers proven practical value to a variety of businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

TKO also has a Quality Management Template built in that is mapped to ISO9001 requirements which can have your business well on the way to certification fast.  Please visit our templates page to view more details. 


After setting the long term goal for my business to achieve ISO 9001 quality accreditation, I searched the internet for solutions to help me achieve this goal. I quickly found that all roads let to Transform Business Systems and their product TKO Business Modeller.

It did not take me long to decide that this product was the solution I was looking for and a good investment to boot. 

The product is easy to use and steps you through the process of building a system of policies, procedures, people and roles, KPIs and performance reviews. It has been a great tool for me in the creation of all aspects of my Quality System, from electronically controlled forms, controls, work instructions to information documents. I never thought that building a quality system would be an overnight task but TKO has helped me with each step along the way. I also purchased the 'Q-Template' which has really helped with the framework of my Quality System.
The support from Transform Business Systems has been fantastic. I have been dealing with Sam Tebbutt and his dedication and commitment to helping me achieve my desired outcomes is commendable. I feel at all times that Sam and TBS care about my success with the product. I certainly recommend TKO from TBS to anyone serious about building a Quality System for their business.

Phil Barnett

Document Management Solutions


Develop Your Quality Systems Fast and Easy

Using TKO Business Modeller

At the base level TKO is a windows software application that is used by small to medium sized businesses and organisations to manage and publish in print, pdf or web format their :

  • business policies and procedures

  • roles and job descriptions

  • key performance indicators and standards

  • company manuals

  • staff induction manuals

On another level TKO is a tool used to build a complete interconnected model of a business or organisation, a model that simply tells a story of how the organisation goes about it's business, a story that explains how:

  • their business is divided into manageable departments and how each department reflects a critical area of their organisation

  • and how each department has standards to up hold and strive for

  • and that roles have been assigned to them to ensure focus and accountability

  • and that how each department has a set of policies and procedures to work by so that nothing is left to chance

  • and how each person in the organsition has been assigned one or more roles so they clearly know their responsibilities

  • and finally how the story is known by each and every member

  • On an operations level
    • Setup your systems and procedures quickly using our 300 + pre-written and build in documents
    • Create and store policies, procedures, kpi's, roles and job descriptions
    • Create a systems manual for your business in a wide variety of formats all from the same source
    • Create individual position manuals for staff
    • Create a local web site so all staff can access your systems and procedures
    • Induct staff into new roles or your business as a whole
  • On a higher level
    • Help with quality assurance and compliance
    • Your business knowledge is being stored in a central repository
    • Help increase the value of the business
    • Help sell your business when the time comes
    • Help bring and induct new partners into your business 
    • Bring a sense of clarity to the management of the business
    • Increase staff satisfaction and fulfillment

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When using TKO here's just some of what you can look forward to

A tool to build your vision and plan

Build your vision and mission statement

Provide Structure to your organisation

Create a framework like structure of sections and departments to store, maintain and easily find all of your business knowhow and IP

Policies and procedures

Outline a new policy or procedure to support a key area, create many if not thousands if you so wish

KPI's and Standards

Outline a set of key performance indicators to gauge your performance in various key areas or a set of standards that your organisation lives by


Create roles to carry out the various functions of running your business

Organise your people

Add a new staff member, assign a role or a varietry of roles provide them a job specification which details all the roles assigned to them and their purpose

Restructure your operations

Move people in and out of roles to find the right mix, like a football coach ensure your players strengths are properly utilized. Even outsource a role to an external contractor if you wish

Provide clarity

Provide a detailed job description for each of your roles

Provide purpose

Allocate various activities and functions to each of your roles

Provide accountability

Allocate various kpis and standards to each of your roles

Bring your people up to speed

On your business operations and what is required of them by

  • Provide a business manual
  • Provide a staff manual
  • Provide an operational web site of all your business systems

Conduct a performance appraisal

On your staff, partners or the business as a whole

Easily navigate

Find and view all of your important business knowledge

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