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Human Resources

Sort out your policies and procedures manuals once and for all. 

No more Windows folders and multiple Word files. 

Easy to use for training & induction. 

Always up to date! 

No old manuals!

The world of Human Resources has changed forever with TKO (Turn-Key-Operation) Business Modeller software.  The dusty old business manual on the shelf is now able to be easily managed electronically and kept live on your system so that all the staff can access an up to date manual anytime from any location.     

All your businesses information is kept in an easy to manage program which gives you incredible flexibility in accessing your 

  • Policy & Procedure documents
  • Staff files
  • Job descriptions
  • Staff To Do Lists
  • Business details
  • Business Plans
  • Organisational Chart
  • Role summaries

    And much more


    Imagine being able to create a procedure manual customized to an individual staff member at the touch of a button.  Or edit a policy document and know that all staff has the up to date document immediately.

    Benefits of the program are many and include

    As a Human Resources manager or business owner you are now able to ensure that all staff know what, when, how & why they do a particular task in the  business.

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