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Employee Induction Manual

Get control of your staff induction system

Inducting employees correctly is vital to their streamlined integration into your organisation.  Having a complete and controlled employee induction manual that is easy to publish for new starters and update when necessary makes the induction easy.

Using TKO (Turn-Key-Operation) Business Modeller Software enables you to have an induction manual on hand easily for any new employees and will also give you a place to create, publish, edit and review your entire human resources and business systems manuals. 

"Only last week, I had a new staff member start and could print out a manual that included induction, OH&S relevant to the duties they would perform and the SOP’s for their new position.  One manual for one person, and the greatest thing is it took only minutes to select the items I wanted included.I cannot thank you enough for the great product and I would happily recommend it to anyone wanting to get the systems in place, track their staff, improve their procedures and then have time left over! Your system is worth every cent and well worth doing..." Jo Paynter PGC Pty Ltd

Download a free 39 page employee induction manual

employee induction manualClick here

Here's a quick overview on what

you can do with

TKO Business Modeller

With TKO you can > Build beautiful manuals or a “knowledge base” style web site

Create policies, procedures and work instructions around your key departments.

Create beautiful manuals or a knowledge base style web site so that everyone knows what’s required of them.

With TKO you can build

  • Policies and procedures manuals
  • Health & Safety Manuals
  • Staff Manuals
  • Or any kind of manual you want
  • You can even export it all to a word document
  • or an easily accessible web knowledge base on a local or internet based site

Beautiful manuals and web site

With TKO you can > Organise content by department

Content is nothing without context, TKO helps you divide your business into manageable departments. Doing this helps bring a sense of clarity and purpose to your business. Create departments on the fly or from the systems manager and then create and assign content as needed.

Structured organisation

With TKO you can > Manage your team through roles

In business and in life we wear many hats, TKO helps you define those hats (e.g roles) that you and your staff need to successfully run your business.

By using TKO you can provide "Employee Manuals" or a "Knowledge base" web site with all the information they need to focus on their roles.

In business we all wear a number of hats

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