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Best Practices in Policies and Procedures (PDF)




  1. Best Practices, How-To Book that focuses on teaching the best practices available today from authors that specialize in policies and procedures.
  2. In this unique book, you'll read about the best practices in the following areas:
    1. Developing policies and procedures that align to the vision, strategic plan, and core processes of the Company.
    2. Drafting table of contents pages using readily-available (free) examples and sample URLs.
    3. Setting up a cross-functional team, selecting team members, and building an effective team.
    4. Using problem-solving techniques for defining a problem statement, diagramming a solution, and selecting a solution.
    5. Using a writing process and a standard writing format for policies and procedures.
    6. Using table of contents examples and policy/procedure URLs as sources of ideas, suggestions, and other examples
  3. Best practices streamlining methods are also provided for: Root-cause analysis, brainstorming, diagramming, chunking, and deploying criteria rating forms.

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