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Achieving 100 Percent Compliance of Policies and Procedures (PDF)




  1. How-To Book for improving business processes and policies and procedures through improved communications, training, and mentoring programs; auditing and compliance programs; and metrics for achieving 100% compliance.
  2. Establish continuous improvement plans for achieving savings of millions of dollars using business process streamlining methods, flow charts, and cost benefit analyses.
  3. Learn by example; a real-life case study is used to examine the effectiveness of the ools and methods outlined in this book.
  4. Discover how to use tools like self-assessment checklists, plan-do-check-act, control charts, histograms, root-cause analysis, Pareto charts, and system audits.
  5. Find out how easy it is to influence the company culture when robust communication tools are applied.
  6. Read an entire chapter on making the most of your career in policies and procedures.
  7. View an excerpt from this book, an action plan that will help guide you through the entire process of writing policies and procedures.

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