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7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures by Stephen Page (PDF)



7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures by Stephen Page


Policy and Procedure Book Description : Write policies and procedures in a standard and consistent writing format every time that is consistent that is acceptable by your management, internal and external auditors, and with current Federal and State regulations. Create company manuals in a printed format and/or for online display on a company Intranet or website. Use process improvement or business process management methods and standards to improve your policies, procedures, standards, or standard operating procedures. This book will never become dated because the methodologies contained within are TIME-LESS and apply to any industry, any company, and to any display format.

  1. Adopt a seven-section writing format that will assure that every policy or procedure is consistent, clear, and simple...even achieve a professional look. Every manager's dream!

  2. Gain an understanding of the 7-section writing format; a chapter is devoted to each of the seven sections. And each chapter contains exercises, answers, common mistakes, and quality control..

  3. As a bonus, adopt a five-step writing process for writing your policies and procedures as well as for any business document.

  4. Deploy three editing checklists (content, language, and final pass) for your policies and procedures.

  5. Follow along a real-life case study as you do your writing format exercises. Practice makes perfect.

  6. Use a 48 question WRITING FORMAT QUESTIONNAIRE to validate all points have been covered in the policy or procedure document.

  7. Use the examples at the back of the book for comparison purposes to your written policy and procedure documents.

Who is This Book For?

Whether you're a policies and procedures professional, team leader, administrative support, first-line supervisor, manager, strategic planner, project manager, computer professional, technical writer, trainer, forms professional, or executive, your company will depend on you to know and understand how to write and/or deploy policies and procedures. This book is for anyone who works in a company environment. Think about it. Regardless of the size of your company, any employee needs to know how to read, interpret, and apply policies and procedures. And in many cases, employees may be asked to participate on process and improvement teams for the development of new or revised policies and procedures. This book is concise and loaded with tons of information about writing policies and procedures for both novices and professionals alike.

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